From the monthly archives: "July 2008"


We’d like to welcome the return of a few favorite clients who are back for more at Number 9. Mark Arbus has brought his band in to work on his upcoming album. Laura Nashman & John Alonso are back to produce a lullaby CD with piano and flute. Singer/songwriter Tajja Isen is recording a delicate piece with piano and vocals in the studios. It would appear that our Yamaha G3 grand piano is getting a lot of use these days. Who can blame them? It’s parked just to the side of the control room with sunlight flooding in from our soundproofed Toronto windows.

All Number 9 clients get free promotion with our music brokerage and producers group. The Studio has more than 25 years of industry presence backing one of the largest pools of contacts for North America. Contact George Rondina to discuss the possibilities of what our promotion can do for you.

After all, if our clients keep coming back for more, we must be doing something right.


We have just enrolled four new recording studio students, leaving only one spot left in our recording school for the fall enrollment. Welcome to Thiago Sa Leito (from Brazil), Katerina Dios (from Sweden), Ryan Klotz (from Toronto, Ontario) and Brandon Hefford-Tuck (from Fenelon Falls, Ontario).

This week we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a virtuoso violinist, Stanislav Pronin, who is only 23. This prodigy was brought into the Toronto Recording Studio by a professional composer by the name of Brian Christian who came in all the way from Virginia to feature this young man’s violin in his latest composition.

It’s rare that people travel to other countries to collaborate with other artists, but it’s no surprise that Brian made the trip after hearing Stanislav play his violin.

In the coming weeks you can expect to hear a sample recording of another composer who came in this week by the name of Robert Baker, also from south of border (Boston). We at Number 9 Recording Studio Toronto are grateful for having such a loyal clientele in Toronto and a growing number of clients coming in from abroad.

Our network of industry professionals has been on a rapid rise and dates back as far as 25 years. Therein lies one of the most lucrative asset at Number 9… the network. Whether you are looking for a producer, session musician, engineer, composer, etc. we are confident that your match can be found in our Toronto Recording Studio recording network.

So take that into consideration when you’re booking your next recording project. If clients are coming in from the United States, even Europe to use the Number 9 recording school and studio… we must be doing something right.

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We are happy to announce that we have opened a local business page on Facebook. We would like to invite all our friends, family, clients, and fans to visit our Toronto Recording page and share your comments. It would seem that traditional forms of marketing are now becoming obsolete and being replaced by the online jungle of Toronto recording search engine marketing (google, yahoo, live, etc.) & social media marketing (facebook, youtube, myspace, etc.).

This shift in the marketing paradigm has been adopted by Number 9 for the last 2 years and we are now proud to say that we’ve mastered the art of search engine optimization & search engine marketing, achieving the highest rankings we’ve had to date. Curious? Google: Toronto Recording Studio, Radio Production Toronto, or Recording School Toronto. Impressed? Thought so! Contact our web consultant to see if we can help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Check our Facebook page as an example of social media marketing:

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