From the monthly archives: "January 2009"

cdhandEveryone needs a hand in these economic times… indie bands especially! You’ve been our bread and butter over the years, and we’d like to help you all out as much as we can.


For every 8 hours you book with us, we’ll give you 50 CDs, printed in glorious full colour on our thermal transfer printer that’s higher-resolution than silk-screen and just as durable, placed in the case of your choice. You can even download the template for disc printing from our “Duplication” page so you can make your own design. Spend a couple of days in the studio recording your EP and you’ll have 100 discs to sell at your gigs or bombard the “label people” with! Take 5 days and you’d have 250! You can do the math yourself from there, we’re sure.

Call us to schedule your sessions right away – our February is already booking up and this special ends March 15th 09 !

chorale2 Number 9 Audio Group would like to congratulate Barack Obama, the 44th president of The United States of America. His appointment signifies a new era in American politics, one of hope, unity and change.

Congratulations also go out to The Nathaniel Dett Chorale. The Chorale, Canada’s first professional choir dedicated to performing Afrocentric music of all genres, recently performed on behalf of the Embassy of Canada at their Pennsylvania Avenue headquarters on January 20, 2009, as part of the Inauguration Day events hosted by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Number 9 is proud to have The Chorale as a client, and wishes them luck in their future endeavours.

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