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Before deciding on a bargain basement recording studio, you need to consider the added value of choosing a recording studio that not only produces professional quality recordings and packaging, but also has the music industry connections. Number 9’s connections with leading-edge producers means that your demo will get noticed by the right people so that you have a greater chance of making the impact on world that you’ve worked so hard for.

Not every recording studiocan provide comprehensive services like Number 9 Audio. Number 9 provides for its recording artists: trained recording professionals to record and mix their project, professional graphics and product display, and direct music industry contacts.

Your demo is your opportunity to show the world your talent and to develop a fan base that will fuel your musical career. After the hard work and dedication you’ve already invested in your music, you need to show the same pickiness with the recording studio. If you want to make sure you have the best possible jumpstart to your new career, you need a professionally produced recording and the right connections to set you down the right path.

All you need is at Number 9 Audio. Start your career off right with Number 9 Audio.

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Number 9 Audio Group was pleased to have Dax Revina in our recording studio this past week.  This talented Canadian artist spent the afternoon laying down vocal tracks with the assistance of our head engineer Bernie Cisternas. Dax recorded several songs, including “Come on Everybody”, among others.

In addition to recording another talented artist, this session marks the first time that Number Nine has teleconnected with a producer overseas for a session. During the recording we were thrilled to have Stuart Bratney from Australia join us through a live Skype video feed.  Stuart could hear and see everything that was occurring in the studio, and provided us with real-time feedback on the project.

Photo credit goes to the very talented Joe Fuda.  You can also check out The Mischief Engine, featuring Stuart McBratney, at

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A top quality audio dialogue recording requires a world class, professional recording studio and staff. When choosing a recording studio you want to make sure that they are experienced in–and have not just dabbled in–professional audio dialogue recording. You need a recording studio that knows the differences in microphones and sound mixing needed to produce a professional dialogue recording and doesn’t believe that whatever they used for their star rock band will work.

Once it’s recorded you want to make sure your recording studio also has the technology and experience to produce quality CDs and/or DVDs of that audio dialogue recording. A professionally mixed and balanced dialogue recording combined with a professionally produced CD or DVD presentation will ensure that your hard work and money will be listened to for years to come and not just land itself on a shelf collecting dust.

After the time and effort you’ve put into selecting the material and just the right voices, do you want to go with the cheepest recording studio possible, set up in some guy’s basement?

You can’t go wrong with the professionals at Number 9 Audio, Toronto’s penultimate recording studio and school. Number 9 has knowledgeable staff and a reputation of professional grade recordings, and can offer the best value for your dollar when looking for a quality audio dialogue recording. Not only does Number 9 have an impressive list of music clientele, but they are also well respected for their dialogue recordings.

When looking for the right recording studio Toronto for your project, stop at Number 9 Audio.

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