From the monthly archives: "May 2009"

Over the past few months, Number 9 has taken steps to seriously upgrade the quality and competitiveness of our media duplication services – in plain English, it all looks better AND it’s at the same cost or less than before. We added a thermal transfer printer in the fall that has a higher resolution than silk-screen or offset printing for our disc printing, and over the past month we’ve added an incredible new digital printing system for the paper parts of your disc package. You know how laser printers don’t usually have that “glossy” look that regular press printing does? Well, ours does!

No matter what we tell you, though, the proof is in the pudding. “Show me”, you say.

So we will. No charge.

Grab the disc template, as well as the 1-panel insert and even the traycard template if you like, from here. Number 9 will provide 2 complete print sample sets for you to take with you, one to keep, one to show off, so you can compare it to anyone else’s work.

The sample set will include:

-2 discs printed (no duplication)

-jewel case (slim or regular, whatever you like)

-1 panel 4/4 insert and 4/0 traycard

We’re going to do this through the month of June, so whether you are a marketing company looking to send out 10 press kits or a band looking to sell 50 CDs at your next gig – we can produce “retail-ready” discs but you no longer have to get a “minimum of 500” just so that they look half-decent.

Call us now!

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Number Nine was proud to host  Ian Thornley in our studios this week!  Ian is a Toronto-born singer, guitarist, and songwriter, famous for fronting the bands Big Wreck and Thornley.  Ian stopped by with Andy Curran from SRO/Anthem to film a fan question and answer session in our studio.

From left to right: Justin (from SRO/Anthem), Ian Thornley, George Rondina (studio owner) and Andy Curran (SRO/Anthem).

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