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It’s that spooky time of year again and Number 9 is gearing up for Halloween with a couple of new specials!  Recording time in our studio is now cheaper than ever, so why not produce your latest tracks at the best recording studio in Toronto?  Whether you are looking to record on our wonderful C Bechstein Concert Grand Piano or simply coming in to lay down some vocal tracks, Number 9 can help bring your project to life!

We also have some hot new deals on both CD and DVD duplication services, so why not get a few more copies made of your album before the end of the year?  Christmas is just around the corner as well so now is the perfect time to start thinking about recording and distributing your next holiday hit.

Give us a call to discuss rates and times, and have a Happy Halloween!

dvd-replication-TorontoAt Number 9 Recording Studios in Toronto, we offer DVD replication, recording facility equipment rental, music brokerage, and much more. Housed in an exquisite, and newly renovated Victorian Home in the nucleus of down town Toronto. We at Number 9 are excited to offer a fast turn-around time for your Digital Versatile Disc or Compact Disc duplication project.

As one of the first companies in the Toronto area to offer short run CD and DVD replication we have what it takes to make your project run smoothly and to produce the results that you are look for.

Not all companies are capable of offer the quality that we can offer. With our thermal transfer DVD/CD automated duplicator Number 9 studios offers the highest quality duplication. Your final product will be at 600 dpi, the highest quality available that is better quality than silk-screened CDs that you get from a manufacturer.

Because of our direct promotion and cutting-edge technology, Number 9 studios is the number one go to site in the discovery of Canadian talent, making every minute you spend in our studio an investment in your future recognition.

We have work with The Barenaked Ladies and Amanda Marshall to mention a few of the amazing artists number 9 studios have had the pleasure of working with.

For those looking for a superior quality product, we also offer video editing and graphic design services to assist you in taking your project from conception, to recording, to CD or DVD replication stages.

Our Juno award winning head engineer Bernie Cisternas has over 10 years experience. With exposure to a variety of styles, he is able to engage in any project. Each engineer at Number 9 Studio is completely qualified and brings their personal and unique flair to every project. Our engineers work with you to insure the best possible results.

We are pleased to offer DVD replication whether you need one or 1000 we are ready to get your project started. We have the best engineers and equipment for all your recording need.

With VHS and Beta video, now being obsolete it is nice to be able to have all your old home movies and memories replicated to DVD. Number 9 Production studio can do just that we have the technology to transfer video to DVD in may tape formats.

Number 9 offers something at every level. With our wide range of services, you can take advantage of some or all of our expertise. Making Number 9 your first choice is the right choice. Then you can focus without the distraction on what you need to do to get your DVD project to completion.

So why waste time contemplating the rest. Get everything you need at Number 9 and feel confident as you experience the best in Toronto. Number 9 Studios are waiting to help you make your DVD replication project into reality.

Recording Studios TorontoThe objective of Number 9′s recording studio in Toronto is to ensure quality end products you are thrilled to have produced. We want to have the privilege of being a partner in your success as when you hit and surpass your target, we have hit ours.

Through our 25 years of experience in our recording studios in Toronto, Number 9 knows how to create the right environment, as well as having the tools, ability and expertise to get the sound and product you are looking for.  Our resourcefulness and innovation allows us to be completely flexible to work with all budgets and goals for any type of project.

Our recording studios outshine the competition through our ability to create the product for your small or large project, from stories to concerts, voice-overs to solo performances.

We keep our costs and expenses under control, eliminate waste and streamline production without compromising on quality.  These lean principles combined with our project structure permit our recording studios to offer very competitive rates.

We offer an extensive range of services in our Toronto recording studios.  Our technical experts and equipment can provide top quality production tailored to meet all your needs.  We understand the industry and the market and can assist you with any concerns, from technical to consumer behaviour, you may have.

The ambiance and acoustics in our recording studios is conducive to stimulating your talent by creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, feel and tone.  Our project and client oriented approach affords us the opportunity to treat our customers as individuals with unique sounds and aspirations.

Due to the dynamic entertainment and sound recording industry, we are always continuously seeking to improve our service offerings, skills and equipment in our Toronto studios.  Through our diverse abilities, focused on customer and market demands, we can supply the most optimal experience in sound reproduction that you are sure to be delighted with.

Your craft, coupled with our professional services provides the ultimate integrity of your sound and a truly successful end result. Our recording studios can supply the latest most cutting edge equipment as well as traditional analog tools and methods. Your preference can be accommodated with us.

We have built our reputation in Toronto’s recoding industry on trust and excellence.  This is why we have been so successful with the partnerships we have made.  We do what it takes to succeed in our mutual goal, the success of your project.

You can have confidence that your project is a priority to us and we deliver what we promise through our Toronto recording studio.  We have the expertise and passion to drive your project on the accomplished road from inception to completion.  Our project management skills combined with our professional industry specialists will instil confidence and ensure a positive return.

Our recording studio in Toronto results are sure to impress as we do not just aim to satisfy you, we strive to exceed your expectations- call today to see how we can help you make your next recording or event an outrageous success:  416.348.8718.

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