Fort MacMurray Fire

Blog Post – Fort McMurray Fire – We Can Help

Number 9 will be donating a percentage of our proceeds for the next 2 months to help those affected by the Fort McMurray forest fires. Music can change the world. Together we can do great things.  Families are in need, houses and buildings destroyed in one of the greatest disasters in Canadian history.

If you’ve been thinking of booking some studio time, why not now?  Not only will you be getting a fantastic finished product, you’ll also know that your hard earned money is helping you and perhaps thousands of others in a time of need!  You feel good when a song is finally recorded, imagine how amazing it will feel with a double bonus?

Why should you donate as well? Yes, insurance will cover long term losses, but in the meantime, residents need temporary shelter, food, clothing, medicine and that all costs money.  And yes, there are some great orgs like Red Cross with boots on the ground, but they need $$$ to do what they do.  So, please donate NOW and in the future in the event there are further needs.

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