Number 9  Audio’s new client, reduced-stress, no-risk offer


Here’s how the offer works.

You will consult directly with your engineer here at Number 9 about how long it should take to complete the mixing and, if requested, mastering of your one song. Once the hours required are agreed on, we will start working on the project. Once the work has been completed during those hours, you will be given the opportunity to evaluate it. We will then allow up to 1 additional hour’s worth of revisions to our work at no additional cost to you. At the conclusion of this 1 hour’s worth of revisions, you will decide on your satisfaction with our work, and either pay for your files or walk away with no cost incurred.

All work product will remain the property of Number 9 until the bill is satisfied, same as our standard studio policy. In other words, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with our work and do not want to pay for it, we will not release the session files, final mix files, or any other work product created here at Number 9; all files related to the project will be subject to deletion within one week. Once the bill is satisfied in full, all work product will be completely and fully released to you as you care to have it.

Valid only for clients who have not had their own project mixed and/or mastered at Number 9 before. Number 9 reserves the right to rescind the offer to waive the bill at any time to any client for any reason at Number 9’s sole discretion.

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