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We are so very lucky and honoured to be able to work every day with some of the finest talent in Canada. Sometimes, it even involves folks from around the globe (for example, look up our World Jazz for Haiti album, a fundraiser for the Red Cross). For this particular award season, we’d like to send call attention to our Juno-nominated clients (in no particular order):

-Donovan Woods: Songwriter of the Year

-Metalwood: Jazz Album of the Year (Group)

-Splash’N Boots: Children’s Album of the Year

Congratulations, and good luck at the Junos!

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Beatles Revolver

Is Revolver the greatest album ever made? Here’s the facts behind the album celebrating its 50th anniversary

Why some think it is…

Revolver by The Beatles recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and for some it is the pinnacle of both recording technology and songwriting.  For others, it is truly the beginning of the psychedelic era.  For others, it’s just a damn fine listen…

If people are still talking about an LP 50 years after its release, it is truly a sign that it truly impacted the listening public, and continues to do so.  It doesn’t help that there have been various remasters and re-releases over the year to continually keep the LP/CD/Digital download in the hands of prospective consumers.  If the album were truly awful however, it would NOT sell as well as it does.  You can’t polish a…dog doo doo 😉

Since we are Beatlemaniacs, and we know a lot of other people are as well, we found this great article we wanted to share, to give you a sneak peek and discover some cool facts about the recording of this legendary album.

Personally, this album stretched and pushed the boundaries of what a modern recording studio could do, and what was EXPECTED to be accomplished.  George Martin and Geoff Emerick were at the Beatles’ whims when it came to different sounds and textures.  The songwriting also advanced tremendously, as the Beatles no longer cared to stick to the ‘two guitars, bass, drums” arrangement any longer, as they had decided to stop touring and wanted the songs to stand on their own as works of art.

Here’s a link to a previous blog post where we look at the technological advancements especially of the opening track, “Tomorrow Never Knows”, and the LP in general ==>

Stump your friends at parties; or win Beatles questions at trivia, or just consider this some musical education.  Come on in to Abbey Road circa 1965-66…

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