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In our business, our clients are our everything. We like to show that in the way we treat everyone who comes through the door. Sometimes our clients are gracious enough to let us know that we did a good job at it. Allison Lupton ( stopped by this past weekend for a quick session with us, and had this to say:

“Thank you Neale for booking us into your fantastic studio. Bernie, you are a genius and so great to work with!”

Tom Leighton was accompanying her on piano on our fabulous Bechstein concert grand.

Well, Allison, thanks for the nice words. We hope to have you back soon. And we look forward to many more satisfied clients passing through our studio.


The auction of the W. Hoffmann piano by Bechstein is complete. A wonderful musician and human being Bruce Moore is the lucky winner! After we won the C. Bechstein photo contest,  beautiful prize was this brand new W. Hoffman Vision 112 upright piano. We thank all who took part in the auction whose beneficiary, the Pine River Institute, is a great place and a great cause to support. If you would like to support Pine River Institute please visit their website to see how you can take part:

Special thanks to David Clayton-Thomas and George Koller for connecting us with John Fallis of the Pine River Institute. This local charity is doing fantastic work with youth that have had some unfortunate circumstances. Thanks to Michael and Radek from Remenyi House Of Music that have supported us all the way. And another very special thanks to Tomo for his awesome artwork and photos.We are looking forward to hearing the beautiful work that Bruce with produce with his brand new Bechstein!

What a great day!




As spring is trying to spring here in Southern Ontario, we here at Number 9 are trying to foster a new sense of growth too. Sure, we just purchased a relatively new Neumann M147 tube microphone, but we also purchased a terrific set of these original Neve 1073 channel strips. Sometimes old just means old; we could have purchased them new. Then again, sometimes old means “vintage”, like wine. Solidly racked in a BAE enclosure, in absolutely terrific condition, these strips are a simply outstanding new addition to our vintage gear collection. You should probably check them out. We think they’re worth every penny we spent on them. No, we didn’t line up the knobs for the photo shoot – these aren’t show ponies, they’re our new workhorses. Book a session soon and find out for yourself why what is old is new again at Number 9 Audio.


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