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Meet Nathalie – a new rising star that’s making waves with her brand new album entitled, “Odyssey.” Recorded right here at our Toronto recording studio, we’re very proud to have such great talent like Nathalie under our roof. Check out her new video above showing some behind the scenes footage of some of the sessions that went into her new album at Number 9.

Also check out the rest of her album, which can be found on iTunes HERE, or come by our studio today and pick yourself up a physical copy!

Interested in what you hear and want to see where it was all done? Come by and we’ll show you around!

Number 9 Recording Studio is a one stop center for all forms of audio services. Located in a recently renovated Victorian building in downtown Toronto, Number 9 has been providing sound recording services to numerous clients since 1981. The professional sound engineers associated with the recording studio work closely with various artists from the beginning to the end of any project, thus ensuring the best possible quality at each and every step of the process. Number 9 provides a multiple media services for its clients, thus eliminating the need of running all over town in order to put all the elements of a project together. This saves them valuable time and energy and enables clients to more fully immerse themselves just in their own creative process. Offering a range of services that includes sound recording for music (vocal and instrumental), narration and post production along with other facilities such as ad production, web design, graphic design, video production, pro audio rentals and audio/video transfers, Number 9’s state of the art digital studios are a first choice for anyone who insists on great sound quality and designing.

One of the most important services provided by Number 9 is their unrivaled CD duplication. CD duplication can be a complex task as the right quality of audio needs to be maintained. Being among the earliest Toronto companies to offer short-run CD and DVD duplication, Number 9 has tremendous experience in understanding the various aspects related to the process; this allows them to see a project through from start to end. CD duplication is used various areas such as music demos, video games, utility software, digital portfolios, corporate documents, full-length albums, wedding favours, and several other project-specific applications. Quite often clients face the problem of production delays which are caused by mismanagement and inadequate preparation. One may need to contact different professionals to handle various aspects of the same project. However, at Number 9 such unnecessary hassles are eliminated through proper coordination at every step. Number 9’s CD duplication Toronto makes sure to provide you with the best quality CDs in a very short period of time. One can order anywhere between 1 and 1000000 copies for a single project and choose from many packaging options offered by Number 9.

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February 9th, 1964 marked the Beatles’ debut on American television to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, where 73 million viewers tuned in to catch a glimpse of the Fab Four. Needless to say, the television appearance was an overwhelming success that helped bring Beatlemania into full swing. As a result of this success, this influenced Capital Records to open a factory in Jacksonville Ill. to help meet the staggering demands of the millions of Beatles records being pressed and sold soon after.

This Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of that television debut – and to celebrate, Number 9 is offering a 10% discount on all our services that will run until the end of February! Our services include Graphic Design, DVD Duplication, CD Duplication, Audio/Video Transfers, Video Editing, and DVD Authoring.

Interested in getting into the studio to record? Good news: Our “Five for 75” Sale is still on! Book 5 hours or more at our Toronto recording studio, and receive a limited time rate of $75/hour!

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