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Apps to help bands succeed

10 FREE apps that can help your band!

We paraphrased the title of this post we are sharing, as we can’t guarantee success, but we can provide you with some suggestions for apps in this article to help you thrive!

Life is busy, and when you are a working band and trying to find time to record, you need a great team to help you make the most of your time.  What if you don’t HAVE a team?  No social media team?  No PR person?  What do you do?  DIY – Do It Yourself.

Many artists have taken this approach for years – calling clubs for gigs, putting up gig posters, selling merch, but with the advent of some wonderful technology, bands can do MORE with less time and money at their disposal.

Here are 3 that we think stand out, but please follow the attached link for the complete list, as they are all pretty great apps:

  1. Bandcamp – Yeah, so just what DO you do with those wonderful tracks you’ve recorded/master at Number 9 once you’ve left the studios?  Sure, there are many streaming portals, but how about one that pays more DIRECTLY to the artist, giving you more bang for your buck?  Not only do they take the smallest percentage of sales from the artist to post their music, they also have cool tools like download codes, promo codes for specific events. PLUS they even offer a Pay What You Can for releases.  Why not throw a single out there one day and see what people will pay!
  2. Big Cartel – Getting your music to market is just one piece of the puzzle, allowing your fans to promote both you AND their love of  you is another crucial piece.  Big Cartel allows you to create a branded swag/merch presence on the internet, as well as being able to embed it on your website, social media posts, etc.  It’s also one of the least expensive providers out there for this service!
  3. Spotify Artist Insights – IF you choose to publish your stuff on Spotify, and we’re not heard to say yea/nay, but it IS another exposure channel, why not know who and where your stuff is being played!  They have over 60 million users and 30 million songs, so there is a huge audience tuning in to hear high quality offerings.  Apple Music and Google Play keep their user data private, so you have a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of figuring out who and where your tunes are being streamed.  Spotify recently launched Spotify Artist Insights, a beta platform where artists can view play counts by day/month, compare metrics with other artists, see which playlists your songs are listed on, and identify your listeners by cities to help with tour planning.  I mean, if you are getting crazy spins in Flin Flon Manitoba, and your band is from Thunder Bay, you *just* might want to consider checking out the possibility of doing a date there.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring merch from Big Cartel and download codes from Bandcamp 🙂

10 Free Apps That Will Transform Your Band’s Success

Carol Kaye in studio

Carol Kaye knows how to dress for a studio session!

Blog Post – Paul Williams Interview – Dress up?

So, you’re recording your latest hit in the studio, and it’s just not happening…

You’ve got the best mic available, a great preamp, the lighting is great, lyric sheet in place, warm tea nearby, yet the vibe isn’t right…

In today’s blog post, we revisit an interview that Todd Miller did with legendary songwriter Paul Williams…composer of such tracks as “Rainy Days and Mondays”, “We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Rainbow Connection”,  “You And Me Against The World”, Theme from “The Love Boat”, “Someday Man” by The Monkees, “Almost Sorry” with the Scissor Sisters, and even worked with Daft Punk on “Touch” and “Beyond”…wow.  Paul shares not only his songwriting process including numerous co-writes but also some of his most memorable songs and studio experiences.

One sticks out for Paul – working with Kermit The Frog and his puppeteer Jim Henson.  Jim was singing as Kermit but the vibe wasn’t right.  Paul was the producer and it was obvious that “Kermit” wasn’t actually being recorded on tape, but the performance was not there.  Paul decided to ask Jim to put Kermit on his hand and perform AS Kermit to see what would happen.  He put Jim behind a screen for privacy and to allow him to inhabit the role of Kermit.  Voila…suddenly the song “Rainbow Connection” came alive!  How does this apply to you?  Read on…

Have you ever felt that your songs sometimes have more energy on stage than in the studio?  Do you dress differently on the stage as opposed to the studio? Maybe you don’t, but I’ve found that some bands I’ve worked with actually make the studio experience as close to the stage as possible.  Bring some stage props or a banner, drape your microphone in scarves, set up some funky lighting, wear some clothes that you’d wear on stage to feel great or impress your fans.  MAKE it a performance.  If you are a Genesis tribute band, wear a fox head if you need to get the correct vibe.  Have you ever seen old pictures of orchestras?  Back in the day, musicians sometimes dressed up in formal attire to record, ensuring that they were focused on the task at hand, as it made them feel more professional.

Here’s the podcast ==>

We’re not saying you can’t record in your jammies if you want to, but think about it…it just might help to mix it up a bit.  Just give us advance warning if you are wearing your Minions PJs into a session 🙂

Number 9 outside

Cashbox Canada – A Short History of Toronto Recording Studios…

Was surfing around today looking for information on some Toronto recording studios that have unfortunately closed, and was pleased to find this older post in Cashbox Canada Magazine in which Number 9 gets a nod!  Fascinating trip down memory lane as some of these studios no longer exist, and we’re still choogling (thanks to John Fogerty for that turn of phrase!) along in 2016, with big plans for the future.

Called Canada’s “Abbey Road” by some, we’ve been here for many decades, delivering high quality recordings at prices that will astound.  And we’re huge Beatles fans, come see us to create your own Sgt. Pepper!

Give us a call or email to schedule an appointment or tour to discuss your recording needs.

In the meantime, check out this blast from the past, with some fond memories of former Toronto recording studios, and of course Number 9, still going strong.  Please feel free to also drop us a comment about one of our existing blog posts, or suggestion for a future blog post.

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