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Number Nine was proud to host  Ian Thornley in our studios this week!  Ian is a Toronto-born singer, guitarist, and songwriter, famous for fronting the bands Big Wreck and Thornley.  Ian stopped by with Andy Curran from SRO/Anthem to film a fan question and answer session in our studio.

From left to right: Justin (from SRO/Anthem), Ian Thornley, George Rondina (studio owner) and Andy Curran (SRO/Anthem).

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Number 9 is proud to be once again working with innovative composer/percussionist, Geordie McDonald. Geordie has realized many music projects at Number 9 Audio Group. His CDs, Earth Time, Simplexity, and Cross Culture include digitally recorded Global Soundscapes and Ambient Sound.  His works encompass many cultures, such as those of Egypt, India, Japan, and Africa.

We currently have the pleasure of working with Geordie to create two new compositions, Time After Time and Big Bang.


We’d like to welcome the return of a few favorite clients who are back for more at Number 9. Mark Arbus has brought his band in to work on his upcoming album. Laura Nashman & John Alonso are back to produce a lullaby CD with piano and flute. Singer/songwriter Tajja Isen is recording a delicate piece with piano and vocals in the studios. It would appear that our Yamaha G3 grand piano is getting a lot of use these days. Who can blame them? It’s parked just to the side of the control room with sunlight flooding in from our soundproofed Toronto windows.

All Number 9 clients get free promotion with our music brokerage and producers group. The Studio has more than 25 years of industry presence backing one of the largest pools of contacts for North America. Contact George Rondina to discuss the possibilities of what our promotion can do for you.

After all, if our clients keep coming back for more, we must be doing something right.

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