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The auction of the W. Hoffmann piano by Bechstein is complete. A wonderful musician and human being Bruce Moore is the lucky winner! After we won the C. Bechstein photo contest,  beautiful prize was this brand new W. Hoffman Vision 112 upright piano. We thank all who took part in the auction whose beneficiary, the Pine River Institute, is a great place and a great cause to support. If you would like to support Pine River Institute please visit their website to see how you can take part:

Special thanks to David Clayton-Thomas and George Koller for connecting us with John Fallis of the Pine River Institute. This local charity is doing fantastic work with youth that have had some unfortunate circumstances. Thanks to Michael and Radek from Remenyi House Of Music that have supported us all the way. And another very special thanks to Tomo for his awesome artwork and photos.We are looking forward to hearing the beautiful work that Bruce with produce with his brand new Bechstein!

What a great day!



Meet Nathalie – a new rising star that’s making waves with her brand new album entitled, “Odyssey.” Recorded right here at our Toronto recording studio, we’re very proud to have such great talent like Nathalie under our roof. Check out her new video above showing some behind the scenes footage of some of the sessions that went into her new album at Number 9.

Also check out the rest of her album, which can be found on iTunes HERE, or come by our studio today and pick yourself up a physical copy!

Interested in what you hear and want to see where it was all done? Come by and we’ll show you around!

For those that may not know, Number 9 Audio Group took part in a photo contest hosted by the Bechstein piano company. For those familiar with our Toronto recording studio, you know we’re one of the only recording studios in Ontario that happens to own a C. Bechstein 9′ concert grand piano under our roof! Needless to say, we entered the photo contest in hopes of winning in order to donate the proceeds to charity.

On January 27th, the votes were tallied and the winner was announced… We won!!! We’ve done it, and it’s all thanks to everyone who supported us along the way – we could not have done it without you! Now that the contest is over – very soon we will be receiving a brand new upright piano courtesy of Bechstein, and we will be auctioning off the new piano for charity! All proceeds will be donated towards the Pine River Institute – a very worthy charity situated in Ontario that aids youths in addictions and mental health issues.

To give thanks to all who helped us along the way – stay tuned! We will be organizing a big celebration party at our studio very soon. All are invited, and we hope it will be a big success!


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