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Sony C800Will Smith, 50 Cent, Usher…why did this rent this mic from us? Yes, we offer music equipment rentals!

The Sony C800…why do the artists mentioned above choose it?   Let’s take a quick look!

The Sony C800 is a high-end tube vocal microphone. The mic was made popular for pop and R&B production by users like Dr. Dre, Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Kelly Clarkson and many others.  With a pricetag at $11,000 this is not a mic you have laying around anywhere.  And not too many people own them, that’s why when Will Smith was recently in Toronto shooting “Suicide Squad” playing the role of Floyd Lawton / Deadshot he got his people to rent ours!  He was in his hotel room with some time to kill in between scenes and was working on some new material, and was laying down some rhymes in his suite with this sweet mic.  We have it on good authority that there were a few complaints from other hotel guests about the sub speakers rattling things around, but hey, he’s Will Smith!!!

So, it’s become a go-t0 staple for recording R&B, rap, etc, but it is such a versatile mic, many people use them as their mic of choice when recording pianos, acoustic guitars, and more!

User djui5 says on the Sweetwater forum:

07-08-2004, 11:40 PM

“C800…..all the way. The mic sound better on just about everything I’d use it on…and shapes in the mix better. It’s also less “harsh” in the top end which makes it more pleasant to listen to.

Great for vocals, piano, acoustic instruments (just about all of them), room mic’s……………..

After using the 800 I’ve come to not like the sound of the 149…personally….

Though the 149 is a great mic and I wouldn’t complain about having to use one.”

So, you can save up $11,000 and get your own, or you can either rent ours much more affordably and use it at your studio, or book some time at Number 9 and use the Sony, as well as our Neumann.. or the Bechstein… or the Memotron… or the Hammond…or…you get the idea!
Will Smith Live

Will Smith – with NOT a C800 😉

And until you rent the mic from us, if anyone comes looking for us, we’re in our secret lab using the DNA on the mic from Will Smith to clone him 😉

We’re in the midst of celebrating our 35th anniversary, so give us a call for a tour of the facilities and to perhaps book in for some time, and check out our client list to see who’s put their faith in us to deliver a stellar product.  Or, trust us with your music equipment rental needs!

And just for fun, here is one of our favourite clips from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon showing what a fun guy Will Smith is…Ladies and Gentlemen, the Evolution of Hip Hop dancing!

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