CD & DVD Replication

Recommended for orders of 500 units or more...

Large-run DVD and CD replication and duplication is brokered through Number 9 to a DVD/CD manufacturing plant and professional printing press. By going through Number 9, you are able to take advantage of our brokerage status and receive not only a low cost per unit but also co-ordination of all project elements. You drop off all your materials with us and pick up the final product, completely ready for retail.

cd_duplication_3Use our duplication quote calculator to discover our competitive rates. The DVD and CD manufacturing process begins with your master DVD or CD. The information is extracted at the manufacturing plant and converted to a glass master, which is then used to produce the stampers for churning out the many copies. Each individual unit is produced from raw materials, stamped with your project and printed using a silk-screen or digital print process. Silk-screen printing is the water-proof, scratch-resistant method used on most commercially available DVDs and CDs.


Inserts for large-run orders are printed using the professional standard off-set process. Options for printing are countless – including but not limited to booklets, posters, folders, euro-packs, spot colours, custom stock, etc.

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