Quick-Run DVD and CD Assembly (In-house)

Short-run CD and DVD duplication is when the quantity ordered per master is less than 500 units. However, in some cases, if the quantity ordered is more than about 300 units it might be more cost effective to increase your order and consider large-run replication. See our duplication quote calculator to test the difference the 500-unit barrier can make. Short-run orders are produced using standard-sized, professional grade duplication media. Number 9 has a state of the art thermal retransfer printer with the ability to print at up to 600dpi resolution; the printing is UV resistant and instantly indelible as compared to lower-resolution, sometimes smudgeable inkjet printing (we know, because we USED to use that technology when it was the best available). We print directly on the DVD or CD; we do NOT use stick-on labels since they can compromise the playing quality of the DVD or CD.

  • Standard jewel case (black, white, clear)
  • Slimline jewel case (black, white, clear)
  • Double jewel case (holds 2 CDs)
  • White paper sleeve
  • Plastic clamshell


standard jewel case with black tray

Short-run DVD and CD inserts are laser-printed full-colour or black and white on 80lb glossy white stock. For short-run orders, Number 9 offers the option of a single-panel (no fold) or a 2-panel (single fold) insert and a traycard. Other printing options are available through large-run orders.

What's it going to cost me?

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