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Andy Frost radio production

Andy Frost in Number 9’s studio

Radio Production

From being in business for so long, Number 9 has naturally accumulated a valuable network of professionals with a variety of skill-sets. The purpose of Number 9 Creative is to bring these specialists together for creative production at your behest. We want to take a proactive role in your project so you get the most out of your time in the studio, and make your radio production the best it can be!

Number 9 Creative serves clients in need of radio advertising spots and production, jingles, commercials, podcasting, narration, educational production, video production, audio post-production and music production. From educational productions to radio commercials and jingles, Number 9 Creative has the experienced professional team to make it happen. Whether you need voice talent, a script writer, or a producer we’ve got you covered.

With a list of clientele that includes Scarborough Toyota, The Canadian Art Group, Swarovski Crystal and OLG, you know you’re in the right hands at Number 9 Audio Group. Why not produce your next radio spot with the studio that has worked with industry greats such as Andy Frost, the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs?


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