Production Studio B

For simple audio work where a full studio would be wildly excessive, Number 9's Studio B is the perfect choice.

Production Studio B

Production Studio B

Production Studio B is our professional audio workstation for edits such as fade-outs, volume adjustments, track re-arrangements, or any other unglamourous but completely necessary work. Housing only the bare essentials means we’re able to offer your project an economical rate while maintaining the same professional quality for which Number 9 is known. Contact us for booking information. Drop-in meetings are also available.


The Production Studio is designed for:

  • Post- or pre-mastered stereo audio editing
  • Song cutting, assembling, arranging
  • CD master testing and preparation
  • Transfers to/from various formats including audio cassettes, DAT, ProTools, CD, open-reel tape
  • Generic audio monitoring
  • MP3 creation

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