Production Studio B

For simple audio work where a full studio would be wildly excessive, Number 9's Studio B is the perfect choice.

Production Studio B

Production Studio B

Production Studio B is our straight-up audio workstation for edits such as fade-outs, volume adjustments, track re-arrangements, or any other unglamourous but completely necessary work. Housing only the bare essentials means we’re able to offer your project a cut-throat rate while maintaining uninterrupted professional quality. Contact us for booking information¬†(drop-in service is also available)


The Production Studio is designed for:

  • Post- or pre-mastered stereo audio editing
  • Song cutting, assembling, arranging
  • CD Master testing and preparation
  • Transfers to / from audio cassettes, DAT, ProTools, CD
  • Generic audio monitoring
  • MP3 creation
  • Volume matching

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