Multi-track Audio Transfers

With all the different formats for audio recording, it’s sometimes necessary to bounce recordings around to fit a particular studio’s specification. Number 9 provides multi-track transfer services to and from almost all professional formats including:

  • DA-88
  • ADAT
  • ProTools HD (16 and 24 bit, 44.1 – 196 kHz sample rate)
  • 2″ analogue tape

Stereo Transfers to CD

Audio Transfers

Number 9 Vinyl Record Transfers

Stereo transfers are available at reduced rates. Most common is transferring old records or cassettes to CD – but any format can be transferred to any other. When transferring to CD, the final product is provided complete with track cuts for skipping back and forth through songs and a professional title printed directly on the surface. We can accommodate the following formats:

  • Vinyl records
  • Audio cassette
  • DAT tape
  • CD
  • Audio DVD
  • MP3
  • 1/4″ analogue tape

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