Recording School Toronto

The best method of learning is direct experience. At Number 9's Recording School, our recording studios are the classroom and our engineers are the instructors. Participants are immediately immersed in a working recording studio environment. The direct benefit is our program's curriculum, but the extra value lies in experiencing the real world of audio engineering first-hand and hands-on.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Need a little assistance in your home studio? Number 9 can send a professional engineer to help you along the way! In-home tutorials are available in a wide variety of topics including software, acoustic treatment, equipment set-up and troubleshooting.
Software Tutorials
We act as a training center for all your Apple software including Pro Tools, Final Cut, as well as semi-pro applications such as iMovie and iDVD. Tutorials are available one-on-one or semi-private.
Number 9 "Areas of Interest" Modules
Want to learn more about audio engineering while working at your own pace?  Why not try Number 9’s modular syllabus, which allows our students unprecedented flexibility in their curriculum. You can now learn the art of engineering through individual modules that you can pick and choose based on your personal interests. The modules take the very same teaching approach that has won us praise from across the music industry for years.  All classes are hands-on, take place within a real working recording studio, and are taught one-on-one by an elite and experienced Canadian recording engineer. No course exceeds ten hours in length, and they are all flexibly designed to work around your busy schedule.  Sessions can be scheduled in the morning, afternoon, evening and even on weekends.  All of our course offerings are also very affordable - no single module exceeds $999.99! Please feel free to take a look at our modular syllabus, and give us a call (416-348-8718) for more information or to book a meeting with our instructor.

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