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learning modulesNumber 9’s modular recording courses offer a variety of recording techniques and theory, entirely 1-on-1 and hands on. Our modular curriculum is configured to work around your busy schedule. We’ve developed a strategy for learning in a professional environment that supplies practical know-how alongside institutional theory. Our modules cover a range of essential topics important to today’s recording industry. Students are invited to take as few or as many modules as they like, learning what they want at their own pace.

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Intro Introduction To Recording Techniques (10 hours)
Learn the basics of sound theory and recording while getting acquainted with the studio
1 Microphone Types & Micing Techniques (10 Hours)
Utilize a variety of industry standard micophones to record vocals, instruments and more
2 Learning The Console & Patch Bay (10 Hours)
Familiarize yourself with the “ins-and-outs” of a professional patch bay, as well as our vintage console
3 Analog EQs, Compressors & Gates (10 Hours)
Gain experience with our wide variety of new and vintage signal processing equipment
4 Pro Tools Recording & Editing (10 Hours)
Learn to record and edit using the industry standard software for audio engineers
5 Live Off The Floor Recording With A Real Band (10 Hours)
Bring in a band for a full day recording session while our engineer offers advice and feedback
6 Pro Tools MIDI Sequencing & Loops (10 Hours)
Create music “inside the box” using music loops and MIDI programming
7 Mixing Techniques With Analog Console & Gear (10 Hours)
Enhance and apply your knowledge of analog gear to mix professionally recorded music tracks
8 Mixing In The Box Using Pro Tools (10 Hours)
The digital approach to mixing; use Pro Tools to mix professionally recorded music tracks
9 Analog 2” Tape Machine (5 Hours)
Try your hand with our classic tape machine, still used today by bands seeking a more vintage sound
10 Mastering (5 Hours)
The final step in any project; learn how to “sweeten” and prepare your audio for various formats

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