Recording Studio A

Recording Studio A

Our Recording Studio A is at the heart of Number 9 and is comprised of three main rooms:

  1. the Control Room

  2. the Piano Room

  3. the Live Room

From its inception, our main recording studio has been designed to encompass all aspects of recording and be the ultimate in functionality and flexibility for music, voice-over, narration and post-production.

Brimming with state of the art digital technology including our ProTools HDX system (with a Lynx Aurora(n) mastering-grade interface) as well as a great collection of vintage equipment (Telefunken U47 vintage tube microphone and Neve preamps, just for example – see here for our complete equipment list) – Recording Studio A has just what you need to establish your perfect sound.

Not to be ignored in the studio space is the atmosphere we’ve created to enhance your creative experience. Natural daylight streams into our control room and piano room, adding a positive ambiance without compromising any acoustical properties.

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