Control Room

We are proud to say the Control Room at Number 9 recording studios is both a treasure chest of vintage audio gear and a toolbox of top quality modern equipment.

Our professionally designed, acoustically treated control room features a variety of high-end microphone pre-amps from Neve and Focusrite, great choices of signal processing such as compressors from Urei, Summit Audio, and DBX, high-end reverb processing from Lexicon and Bricasti, and mastering-grade Lynx Aurora(n) conversion, all available for your session.

Furthermore, the control room also features a large selection of well-known vintage microphones as well as several modern favourites available for use in either our Live Room or Piano Room during your session.

At Number 9, our years of experience have taught us that some studio sessions can be end up being long or mentally fatiguing. We kept this in mind when we built our control room.

It features pleasing neutral colours and wood finishes, as well as two windows to the outdoors to keep spirits fresh.

We have made the control room as relaxing and comfortable as possible, with swivel chairs for the engineer and producer and a large leather couch at the rear of the room for all others to use.

The room has also been designed with acoustics in mind in order to get the most accurate monitoring of your recordings.

Additionally, the top of our outboard equipment rack functions as a spacious producers desk on which one can take notes or keep all of one’s files, paperwork, snacks, and other items you bring along to your session ready and available.

Aside from the design, the control room is literally located in the center of the action as it sits between the live room and the piano room, with wide 3′ x 6′ soundproof windows on either side allowing for a complete line of sight during your session.

Last but not least, it is just steps away from all of the amenities of our studio including the kitchenette (with mini-fridge), washrooms, and the upstairs lounge.

We believe you’ll agree that we have one of the most comfortable and productive recording studios in Toronto. We look forward to having you in for your next session.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a personal tour of the studio and see it for yourself, or check out our virtual tour!

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