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Located in the heart of downtown Toronto in a newly renovated Victorian building, Number 9 Audio has been providing professional audio services since 1981. Our mission is to work closely with you from the beginning of your project until the end, ensuring the highest quality at every step. You’re able to take advantage of our multi-faceted environment without having to jump from location to location to pull elements together. Originally recording studios alone, Number 9 now houses complementary departments in DVD & CD duplication, graphics & web design, video editing, DVD and CD authoring, recording courses and pro audio rentals.

The Company

Our recording studio has now added the essential divisions for moving the artistic project forward. For the artist looking for the right producer we have created The Producers Group – a versatile database of quality Canadian music producers waiting to discuss your next project and make it the best it can be.  Be sure to check out our newest division: Number 9 Creative, a creative department equipped with the best professional talent available. Number 9 Creative serves clients in need of radio commercials, pod casting, narration, educational productions, post-production and music production. From beats to high-volume sales, radio commercials and jingles, Number 9 Creative makes it happen!

George Rondina, Managing Director


Starting out playing in the late 70’s as the keyboard/vocalist in prog rock band Stallion, he later played with Toronto bands Sans Harbour, Answer and State of The Art. In 1981 George started a recording studio in the back of his brother’s record store in Richmond Hill, Ontario. With $500.00 and a dream, Number 9 Sound Studios was born. George later took on a partner and grew the business until 1996, when he and his partner parted.

During that time, as an engineer and producer, George worked with such notables as Jane Siberry, Amanda Marshall, The Nylons, The Waltons, Bare Naked Ladies, The Jeff Healey Band, Andrew Cash and many more (see clientele list). All the while, he was diversifying the business to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

George and Number 9 had amassed Gold records and Junos by 1996. After splitting with his business partner, George went on to build the business that is now known as Number 9 Audio Group. A career long dream of acquiring a Victorian building and renovating it to house his dream studio was finally realized in September of 2004.

In 2016 Number 9 celebrated 35 years in business. The Number 9 Audio Group now flourishes as one of Toronto’s best and brightest stars. “Multi-service” and “state of the art”, George never forgets why he does what he does, and it’s all for the love of music.

Why Number 9? George Rondina has always had a strong affinity to the Beatles, especially John Lennon. Like Lennon, George was also born on the 9th day of the month and the number 9 has been a key figure through out his life. George lives in Richmond Hill with his wife Catherine and 3 children, Matthew, Nella & Jude.

Bernie Cisternas, Head Engineer

Juno award-winning Bernie Cisternas has over 10 years of experience in professional audio engineering. Working through different studios here in Toronto and abroad has given him the versatility to combine technical skills with production sensibilities.

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