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Studio A


Perfect audio recording for all applications.

Recording Studio A is at the heart of our facility and is comprised of three main rooms, the control room, the piano room, and the live room. From our studio’s inception, our main recording studio has been designed to encompass all aspects of recording and be the ultimate in functionality and flexibility for music, voice-over, narration, and post-production.

Control Room

The Control Room is the heart of our studio. This is where the magic happens. Watch as your audio transforms before your eyes into a well-polished song.

Piano Room

Beautiful and calm. Our Piano Room features special acoustic treatment to enhance the expressive qualities of acoustic instruments.

Live Room

Live recording room floor is 600 square feet of ready-to-go recording space. This area features 5 isolated recording booths so bring the whole band.

Our Clientele

We are a Juno award-winning studio that boasts a range of high profile clientele including multiple artists that have won a Juno from their material recorded right here at our Toronto recording studio.

Headshot of David Clayton-Thomas

David Clayton-Thomas

With multiple Grammy Awards and Canada Walk of Fame Induction, David Clayton Thomas chooses to record right here.

Genre: singer, songwriter

David Clayton-Thomas is a Grammy Award-winning Canadian musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the American band Blood, Sweat & Tears. Clayton-Thomas has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and in 2007 his jazz/rock composition “Spinning Wheel” was enshrined in the Canadian Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.

Visit David Clayton-Thomas’ Wikipedia Page

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

Legendary rock group, The Rolling Stone (yes, the actual Rolling Stones) have rented our studio’s gear to record live sessions. If we have a suitable recording studio for the ‘Stones,’ let’s see what we can do for you!

Genre: rock

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in 1962.

Juno Winning Jazz Band Metalwood records at Number 9 Recording Studio.


Our most recent JUNO winning band who recorded here! Metalwood just won a 2018 JUNO for Jazz Album of the Year.  

Genre: Jazz

Metalwood is now up to five JUNO nominations, and two JUNO wins, not to mention a slew of other international awards. Metalwood is one of Canada’s most decorated jass bands in recent history. Taking inspiration from acts such as Miles Davis, Return to Forever, and Weather Report, while still the band created a sound and style all their own. This four-piece group has earned their reputations as world-class improvisers and composers.

Listen to Metalwood on YouTube.

Van Morrison

Van Morrison

Sir George Ivan Morrison is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter. We recorded Van Morrison’s live album at Massey Hall in Toronto using our mobile studio.

Genre: rock

Sir George Ivan Morrison is a Northern Irish singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and record producer.

Official Website.

Canadian rock group the Barenaked Ladies records at Number 9

Barenaked Ladies

Canadian music icons the Barenaked Ladies have used our studio to record, mix, and master their music.

Genre: rock

Hailing from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, the Barenaked Ladies span multiple genres such as alternative rock, college rock, folk rock, and pop rock. With their self-titled 1991 release, these rockers quickly gained a cult following in Canada.

See their website.

Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall

Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter Amanda Marshall.

Genre: singer, songwriter, rock

Check out more on this successful Canadian artist here.
Sean Paul

Sean Paul

Grammy winning artist and hitmaker Sean Paul recorded an album right here.

Genre: rapper, singer


The truth is in the audio!

Listen to what some of our clients have recorded at our studio. All tracks below were recorded, mixed, and mastered right here.

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Recording Studio Control Room

Our professionally designed, acoustically treated control room features a variety of high-end microphone pre-amps from Neve and Focusrite, great choices of signal processing such as compressors from Urei, Summit Audio, and DBX, high-end reverb processing from Lexicon and Bricasti, and mastering-grade Lynx Aurora(n) conversion, all available for your session. Furthermore, the control room also features a large selection of well-known vintage microphones as well as several modern favourites available for use in either our Live Room or Piano Room during your session — the right gear in the right hands.






Stress Down
Creativity Up

Our years of experience have taught us that some studio sessions can end up being long or mentally fatiguing. We kept this in mind when we built our control room. Our studio features pleasing neutral colours and wood finishes, as well as two large windows that allow the sunlight to flood the room to ensure a calm and refreshing experience.

We have made the control room as relaxing and comfortable as possible, with swivel chairs for the engineer and producer and a large leather couch at the rear of the room for all others to use.

The room has also been designed with acoustics in mind to get the most accurate monitoring of your recordings.

Additionally, the top of our outboard equipment rack functions as a spacious producers desk on which one can take notes or keep all of one’s files, paperwork, snacks, and other items you bring along to your session ready and available.

Aside from the design, the control room is located in the center of the action as it sits between the live room and the piano room, with wide 3′ x 6′ soundproof windows on either side allowing for a complete line of sight during your session.

Last but not least, steps away from all of the amenities of our studio including the kitchenette (with mini-fridge), washrooms, and the upstairs lounge. You’ll agree that we have one of the most comfortable and productive recording studios in Toronto. We look forward to having you in for your next session. Espresso anyone?

Piano Room

Containing a beautiful top of the line 9 foot concert grand piano, and designed to enhance the natural harmonics of acoustic instruments, the piano room is the centrepiece of our recording facility. We believe it allows us to offer the best piano recording studio in Toronto.

Any pianist or music aficionado will be awed by our big and beautiful C. Bechstein D280 grand piano. Our soundproof, acoustically designed piano room is specifically tuned for this magnificent instrument, its sound optimized for recordings and performance. Come on down to our recording studio and take a look at it yourself; there is nothing quite like it anywhere in the greater Toronto area.

Stunning Acoustics

Live Room

Live recording room floor size is 600 square feet of ready to go recording area, making it the larger of our two recording floors. The Live Room is configured to handle pretty much any live recording situation. This room is perfect for live-off-the-floor recording with the whole band.




























5 Isolated Recording Booths
Perfect for Drummers
The live recording room contains three isolation booths that have two separate, individual entrances. The largest booth is big enough to accommodate a drum kit. The other two booths, perfect for guitar amps or vocals, can be internally separated for increased isolation or used in tandem to maximize the space. There is a wide access door that opens directly into the room from our driveway, making it about the easiest drum load-in scenario in town. The live room also features a vintage Hammond B3 Organ with a Leslie cabinet speaker.

The real-deal pro audio gear.

Brimming with state of the art digital technology and professional vintage audio gear, we have found the perfect blend between the best vintage gear and the best state-of-the-art tech to bring forth the ideal professional audio quality you have been searching for. Most of this equipment is available for rent too!

Gear Highlights

  • Amek Angelo Console
  • Neve and Focusrite pre-amps
  • Urei, Summit Audio, and DBX compressors
  • Lexicon and Bricasti high-end reverb processors
  • mastering-grade Lynx Aurora(n) conversion
  • C. Bechstein D280 grand piano
  • Mellotron Keyboard
  • Minimoog Keyboard
  • Rhodes Keyboard
  • Leslie Speaker Cabinet

Mixing & Mastering

Audio Mixing & Mastering

At our studio, we do it all. Our highly trained engineers with decades of experience will apply a dazzling finish to your audio recording. From the moment you finish recording, we will start editing your audio’s mix and start comping vocals. Once you are satisfied with the mix, we will bring your tune to its full potential through mastering. Our engineers are well versed in many genres of music and will ensure that your song sounds as good as possible.

Have you already recorded your music? No problem, we can mix and master prerecorded music. Send over your audio files, and we can get started.

Production Studio B

For simple audio work where a full studio would be wildly excessive, Studio B is a perfect choice. Production Studio B is our professional audio workstation for edits such as fade-outs, volume adjustments, track re-arrangements, or any other unglamorous but completely necessary work. Housing only the bare essentials means we’re able to offer your project an economical rate while maintaining the same professional quality for which we are known. Contact us for booking information. Drop-in meetings are also available.

Production Studio

Services that Production Studio B is designed for:

  • Post- or pre-mastered stereo audio editing
  • Song cutting, assembling, arranging
  • CD master testing and preparation
  • Transfers to/from various formats including audio cassettes, DAT, ProTools, CD, open-reel tape
  • Generic audio monitoring
  • MP3 creation

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