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Album Artwork Design Toronto
Our services don’t stop at the recording. We work with our clients through the whole process to ensure their projects look just as good as they sound. We offer graphic design services for your project’s album art. From little adjustments to the CD cover design to creating the necessary graphics, we’ll do it all.


Album Artwork

At our recording studio, we are the alternative to big-house firms where graphic design costs can run thousands of dollars. It’s not that we skimp on style or ability, we just match your requirements without pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go. Sometimes you only need a little touch-up, sometimes you need the entire package. By adjusting to the particulars of your project, we are able to save you time and money. And since our design fully integrates with our duplication department, the usual headache of organizing materials is entirely non-existent.



Your CD Cover Design Could Look This Good

CD Duplication Toronto
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Pro Grade

Our creative team only uses professional grade programs to create your album artwork. As a complement to our duplication facilities, our Graphic Design Department sees a lot of action. Creating and editing many CD and DVD face prints, adjusting insert layouts and running compatibility diagnostics is all in a day’s work.

Our strength is in versatility. We deal primarily with music-oriented projects for up and coming musicians, so we understand that keeping to the budget is paramount. Mix and match from our listed services to enhance and maintain your visual impact.

Complete Design
Starting from scratch, we work with you to conceptualize, develop, design and produce any printed material. Knowing where and how to start can be intimidating, especially when worrying about technical specifications. We’ll help you get off on the right foot. Just bring us some sketches, mock-ups, photos – or nothing at all. Let us handle the guesswork, and you’ll be free to realize your vision.

Professional Layout
You’ve started collecting images, fonts, text, etc. and have produced some initial drafts. Now you need to take your CD cover design to the next level – and that’s where we come in. We will use your existing material and elevate it to your desired end. We help you finalize details, fill any missing elements, and finish your project with professional standards. Before you start, we strongly recommend grabbing the appropriate template to avoid any hassles. You can find our templates here.

Template Adjustments
Nothing is more frustrating than half a word being cut from the edge of the page all because the layout was off by a quarter of an inch. Although all of our duplication templates are industry standards, perhaps your design wasn’t started from one of our templates or maybe you aren’t using one at all. While your print files are still editable, we can adjust your design in preparation for printing.

Early Pre-Flight
The most simple service we offer concerning print design is ensuring your files will print as intended. We don’t edit the files in any manner, we check them for broken image links, missing fonts, correct colour spaces, template misalignments, correct colour modes, and any other possible errors that might arise. Waiting until the manufacture’s pre-flight catches a problem can result in unexpected fees and delays – the earlier an issue can be tackled the less likely it will become a headache. All services are priced on an hourly rate, project-based pricing is also available. In most cases, an initial consultation is arranged and you are provided with a free estimate on total expected project costs. You retain copyright for all designs and receive a digital copy of all design files upon completion.



We are here to help every step of the way! With our creative services, your album artwork will have a clean retail-ready design. 

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