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The advantage of being a professional recording studio is that we have acquired exclusive quality gear over our many years in business. Our pro audio equipment rentals allows you to take advantage of this extensive catalog of audio gear. We are particularly proud of our collection of vintage and tube signal processors which you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Number 9 Audio Group Toronto is your best choice for unique audio equipment rentals in Toronto.

Rentals are available for daily, weekly, or monthly increments.

*This list features our most commonly rented equipment but not everything we have available.

Please inquire about any other audio equipment rentals you may require.


Digital & Analogue Recorders

Alesis ADAT: Digital 8trk. Recorder

Panasonic SV-3700: DAT Machine

Studer A-810: Analogue ¼” 2 Track

Tascam DA-38: Digital 8 Track Recorder

Tascam DA-88: Digital 8 Track Recorder w/ Sync

TEAC A-3340S: Analogue ¼” 4 Track

Tascam D88 Tape Machine
Vintage Microphones


AKG 414 EB: Condenser w/ Transformer

AKG 414 ULS: Condenser Transformerless

AKG “The Tube”: Re-Issue of Vintage Tube

Neumann U87: Vintage Condenser

Sennheiser 421: Dynamic Mic.

Shure SM 57: Dynamic Mic.

Sony C800: Tube Condenser

Telefunken U47: Vintage Tube Mic.


Preamps & Equalizers

Drawmer 1960: 2 Channel Pre/Comp

Focusrite ISA 110: 4 Channel Pre/EQ

Neve 1064: 2 Channel Pre/EQ

Neve 1064 2 channel EQ
Mini Moog


Minimoog: Analogue Synthesizer
Virtual Mellotron


Signal Processing

Apogee AD-500: 18 Bit Conversion

Bricasti M7: Stereo Reverb Processor

DBX 160 “VU”: 2 x Single-Ch. Vintage Comp.

DBX 160x: Single Channel Comp

DBX 166: 2 Ch. Comp/Gate

DBX 236: Single Channel De-Esser

Drawmer 1960: 2 Ch. Tube Comp/Pre

Drawmer DL 241: 2 Ch. Gate/Comp/Limit

Eventide H3000: 2 Ch. DDL/Harmonizer

Lexicon PCM 70: Digital Delay

Lexicon PCM 42: Digital Delay

Lexicon 480L: Digital Effect Processor

Neve 5042: Analogue Tube Emulator

SSL G384: Bus Limiter

Summit Audio DCL-200: Stereo Tube Compressor

Urei 1176 LN: Vintage Compressor

Urei LA4: 1 Ch. Vintage Compressor

Urei LA4: 2 Ch. Vintage Compressor

Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System


This list of available rentals can be intimidating, but we are here to help! If you have any questions or are interested in a quote, please send us an email. Number 9 Audio Group, Toronto’s best choice for unique and professional audio equipment rental service.

222 Gerrard St East, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2E8

416 348 8718


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