Number 9 Audio Group

Audio & Video Transfers

Have your audio and videos transferred and edited by industry professionals. Located in Toronto, we use state-of-the-art technology to edit and transfer video and audio. Our method ensures there is little to no loss in quality during the process. Our team works quickly and with care to deliver your project promptly at a price so good, it might surprise you.

Video Editing

Our Studio offers video editing for projects of any size. We use the latest version of Final Cut Pro X to create professional video products.

When you have completed your video project, take advantage of our DVD authoring services. These services offer a great looking interactive DVD menu to complement your video.

DVD Authoring
Explore all the advantages of the custom design & authoring services available at Number 9. We’ll work with you to design a creative and applicable interface that is perfect for your needs. The most common use is the production of promotional multimedia demos for video portfolios. It’s also nice to add a little extra flair to a compilation of home movies.

Transfers & Video Editing
We can also transfer video into our digital workstation from other formats for further editing and processing. We can add or remove video segments, adjust the colour grading, add in transitional effects, and much more. If you have a video problem, we can help. Send us an email to get started. We are here to help.


Video Transfers

​​VHS technology is obsolete, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your old memories. Transfer your video from a multitude of formats and ensure you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. The advantage to using video in the digital realm is the ease of manipulation and the lossless archival quality. Contact us for more information on the formats we can transfer and for custom pricing on your job.

Multi-track Audio Transfers

With all the different formats for audio recording, it’s sometimes necessary to bounce recordings around to fit a particular studio’s specification. This multi-track audio transfer service provides the ability to switch to and from almost all professional formats including:


  • DA-88

  • ADAT

  • ProTools HD (16 and 24 bit, 44.1 – 196 kHz sample rate)

  • 2″ analog tape

  • Stereo Transfers to CD

Stereo transfers are available at reduced rates. One example is transferring old records or cassettes to CD or a digital file like MP3 or WAV. While moving your audio, we use state-of-the-art tech to maintain the highest possible quality. Your audio will be cut in tracks allowing you to skip backwards and forward through the album. A professional title printed directly on the surface of the CD if you so desire. We can accommodate the following formats:​​

  • Vinyl records

  • Audio cassette

  • DAT tape

  • CD

  • Audio DVD
  • MP3

  • WAV

  • 1/4″ analog tape


Finding help with video editing or audio & video transfer can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help! Please email us for any questions, quotes, or to get started. Number 9 Audio Group is Toronto’s profession audio & video transfer services and video editing service.

222 Gerrard St East, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2E8

416 348 8718


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